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What Can Cell Phones Do?

cell phonesCell phones today are not just phones. 10 years ago, they were heavy objects with a green screen that just started allowing text messages – but they were only 140 characters and you were charged for each message, so many people didn’t use them. Instead, they used their phones to make phone calls when they were away from their house phones, and they had the opportunity to be reached or to reach others in an emergency.

Cell Phones Are No Longer Just Phones
With the changes in technology, cell phones are no longer just phones. They are now very powerful mini handheld computers. You can do everything on them, and carry your entire life in your pocket. Most people are not ever without their cell phones and in fact over half of the population is addicted to using their phones, and have fear of not having their phone with them. With all of these new statistics, you may be wondering how people can be addicted to a phone, and why are they so special?

Social Media is Used a Lot on Cell Phones
There are many different brands of smart phones in the market. One of the biggest usages now for cell phones is social media. Cell providers offer data plans so cell phone users can access the web at any time. It used to be that there was a limited amount of data, but with the data usage skyrocketing and more and more towers being added, many plans offer unlimited data. This means unlimited access to the internet. A user can check social media and in their boredom scroll through others feeds and photos, snooping to see what they are up to in their daily lives. Of course, you don’t do that publicly. The rise of cell phone usage and in particular social media may allow us to be more connected all of the time, but it also gives us a reason not to call and have actual conversations with people. Many people think they have a lot of friends, only to realize that in true times of need they have let those relationships slip away because of laziness and the newer abilities of cell phones.

Cell Phones as a Camera
Most cell phones now include a camera, both a regular one and a video camera. This is great because people can capture memories at any time. Unfortunately many of those memories end up recorded and locked in a phone or on a hard drive instead of printed out to view.

Check Your Email
With a cell phone you are now always connected. You can check emails at any time, no matter where you are. This is extremely helpful and can allow a lot of flexibility at work, but if you do not have a balance it can also affect your home life. You need to learn to put down the phone and leave emails unanswered to enjoy your time at home.

Use as a Gaming Device
Many people download apps to install on their cell phones that can allow them to play games. Instead of using a computer to play online games, they can play slots or card or puzzle games right on their phones. A lot of parents will use these to distract their children from tantrums or to keep them busy or from becoming bored and complaining during long car rides.

Cell Phones Can Do Almost Everything
This means that in their pocket or purse they have the ability to do work, play games, check up on other people, take photos and videos, and even make a phone call if they want to.

Favorite Cell Phone Apps

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